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Get DesignMyHome to Transform your Home-Building Business

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    Immersive Virtual Design Studio

    Homebuyers can now visualize, configure, price, and quote the interiors for their dream home in real time with just a few swipes. Builders can offer customers an almost endless catalog of options while saving days on the design process.

    Empower Prospective Homebuyers

    Interactive, actual floor map, rich catalog, and intuitive navigation help homebuyers to create their one-of-a-kind home in stunning 3-D virtual renderings.

    Reduce Design Appointment Time

    Homebuyers come with fully backed designs giving designers quick closure.

    Improve Sales Conversion

    Powerful features help to track and manage Homebuyers’ expectations from within the platform with real-time catalog updating and visibility on saved designs.

    Built to be Loved by HomeBuyers

    Open 24 x 7 x 365

    Easy access and intuitive navigation to create and save unique designs for each room at leisure.

    Unlimited Possibilities

    A vast catalog with custom finishes of wall tiles, countertops, cabinets, flooring, paint, hardware, appliances, bathroom & electrical fixtures and more to create a truly one-in-a-million dream home.

    Just One Click

    Single-click quote for hassle-free order placement with the builder. No fuss. Just your dream home delivered.

    Built to Scale Builder Business

    Increase Builders Revenue

    Interactive flooring diagram, vast catalog, real-time transparent pricing, high-resolution visualization renderings, improve the entire sales funnel and conversions.

    Reduce Designer Effort

    Save design appointment time by up to 75% by streamlining the engagement process.

    Improve Operational Efficiency

    View homebuyers’ saved designs, select and lock categories based on cut-off dates, track initialization stages for each room, and schedule appointments – all from a single dashboard.

    Home Builders Obvious Choice


    User Experience
    Rich 3D Visualization, Configuration, Pricing, And Quote Capabilities
    Dynamic Pricing Based On Flooring, Wall Tile, And Countertop Calculator
    Selection & Imagery
    Customized Product Catalog
    High Performance Platform
    Builder Business Growth Drivers
    Fully-Loaded Product Platform
    Personalized To Suit Builder’s Business Needs
    Inspiration & Lead Generation
    IEnhanced Design Analytics – Fully Integrated Service
    Easy Access To Boost Sales Cycle & Manage Sales From A Single Dashboard

    Other Software

    User Experience
    Lacks Integrated Pricing, Fragmented, Requiring Multiple Vendors.
    Limited Visualization
    Selection & Imagery
    Limited Finished Options
    Lower Resolution Images
    Builder Business Growth Drivers
    Extra Charges For Each Functionality
    Limited Capabilities
    Extra Fees For Customizations
    Basic Google Analytics

    Early-Adopter Builders Report

    Significant Process Improvement & Business Growth

    7X Confidence

    Homebuyers are 7 times more likely to move forward after viewing our inspiring virtual tours.

    24% More Time

    Homebuyers spend 24% more time on immersing themselves in the online design process, in turn, accelerating decision making

    25% Increased Spend

    Options spend is 25% more when using technology to select upgrades

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