Emerging Home Design Insights Stemming from Data Analytics

Emerging Home Design Insights Stemming from Data Analytics 2048 1365 Interior Logic Group

Today’s homebuilders are thriving on ILG’s cutting-edge technology and data analytics. It is no longer an “optional” feature, data analytics is essential to driving sales and building an incredible customer experience – especially when it comes to home design.

As the largest provider of interior design and finish solutions for the home building industry, Interior Logic Group (ILG) believes in the power of harnessing technology, as well as the results of the data. This allows us to provide insights on homebuying trends on a national scale.

Before embarking on designing a dream home, it is important for builders to consider this data as it relates to several emerging design trends. These trends, such as popular finish options, and sustainable elements, are reflective of homebuyers’ changing needs and desires.

We have received several testimonials that highlight the benefits of using data analytics to understand the following current and emerging buying trends:

1. Saving time and money.

According to Wendy Williams, Vice President, Builder Division of Emser Tile, “One unique benefit to working with Interior Logic Group is their ability to provide data and insights on a national level.”

ILG has worked with a multitude of home builders in delivering product insights and buying trends based on our analysis of data. This extensive knowledge benefits our clients’ business and saves time and cost.

2. Adapting, not only reacting.

John Ballard, Division President of Hyphen Solutions, describes, “What sets Interior Logic Group apart is their willingness to adapt. As our industry has evolved to become more innovative, their company was uniquely positioned to assist builders and homebuyers in making selections virtually.”

Although ILG is first and foremost a provider of interior design solutions for the home building industry, we are equally invested as a technology company. This technological focus allows us to have the foresight and infrastructure to continually provide cutting-edge solutions to builders.

3. Offering transparency from the start.

Dennis Webb, Vice President of Fulton Homes states, “Interior Logic Group has always been a leader in innovation and technology. Years ago, we collaborated to launch an online pricing system to give our buyers transparency that is rarely seen in our industry.”

ILG is continually focused on providing a world-class buyer experience. In doing so, builders offer their buyers an unforgettable experience filled with ease.

Webb continues, “We have doubled our sales and tripled our profits through our alliance with Interior Logic Group in creating a state-of-the-art Design Center.”

4. Providing virtual design appointments.

According to Brad Schoenberg, Division President of Taylor Morrison, “Ours is a very collaborative relationship – Interior Logic Group moves in step with Taylor Morrison and adapts quickly to our industry’s evolving needs. From their rapid shift to virtual design appointments to their ability to support our robust demand, Interior Logic Group is able to move nimbly with us as we deliver the inspired living our company is known for.”

Before even entering the showroom, buyers can utilize virtual design platforms to customize their spaces and have a clear sense of direction before engaging with the designer. In turn, this enables the designer to accurately manage the customer experience.

5. Growing relationships.

Mark Tucker, Vice President of Shaw Builder Sales, highlights, “Interior Logic Group’s sophisticated systems, talented team, and strong industry relationships make them a vital partner as we, together, serve some of the nation’s most prominent home builders. Their focus on innovation and sharing new ideas is awesome; their team can deliver early insights on color trends and product trends, resulting in ongoing cost savings and efficiency solutions.”

Establishing and nurturing relationships is at the forefront of everything ILG does. Our partnerships consistently involve looking ahead to the latest trends in the market. Also, our team of professional designers is privy to the latest home décor trends, which presents an opportunity for out-of-the-box and fresh design elements that have never been seen in the market.

With the latest technological innovations, homebuilders can utilize industry-leading insights and modern strategies to understand which products buyers value. Interior Logic Group partners with the best, most seasoned vendors to showcase the latest trends in our design studios.

Interior Logic Group continues to look forward, embracing and adopting the latest tools and up-to-date concepts. We also offer insights that promote best practices for reaching buyers effectively. By partnering with us, you simply cannot go wrong.