How ILG’s Design Collections Simplify the Homebuying Process

How ILG’s Design Collections Simplify the Homebuying Process 2048 1365 Interior Logic Group

Buying a newly constructed home comes with many important decisions, not the least of which are the interior finishes.

While some homebuyers like poring over the options for finishes including countertops, backsplashes, tile, cabinetry, flooring and window coverings, others find it a stressful part of the homebuying process.

This is where design collections come in to make the job easier and much more enjoyable for homebuyers and homebuilders.

ILG has curated a series of design collections with expertly chosen room finishes that match. Rather than spending hours reviewing hundreds of options, buyers can simply choose a collection from the series to achieve their perfect look, and homebuilders can build the house in a more timely manner. It’s an ideal solution to an age-old problem.

Here’s how ILG’s design collections help reduce the stress of homebuying.

1. They take the guesswork out of choosing finishes.

Instead of wondering which backsplash matches which countertop, buyers can rely on ILG’s design collections to effortlessly create a coordinated look. Each collection has been carefully assembled so that the texture, color, and pattern of every element complements and enhances the others.

The end result is that homebuyers can feel confident that their finishes will look beautiful together and their home design will be harmonious because the collection’s overall aesthetic was considered by our design experts from the start.

2. They work with homebuyers’ tastes.

ILG has created 12 collections in styles ranging from Modern Edge to Coastal Elegance. Homebuyers can select from a broad spectrum of looks to find one that fits their taste, budget and needs.

While the collection styles are wide-ranging, there is a manageable number of options, offering plenty of choice without being overwhelming.

3. They ensure finishes of high-quality materials.

Each collection has been thoughtfully curated with only the finest finish products. From tiles to carpeting to hard surface flooring, homebuyers have only the best materials from which to choose, eliminating even more of the guesswork from these decisions.

Rather than worrying about installing inferior goods, customers who choose an ILG collection can rest assured that every product in their collection meets the highest quality standards – which instills peace of mind.

4. They work with ILG’s Roomored design platform.

ILG is partnering with homebuilders to incorporate the Roomored virtual design platform into their design studios. The platform allows customers to view design options before they buy them – including the finishes in ILG’s design collections.

Through Roomored, customers can see on a 3D design platform how each collection would look in a real home, giving them an even better visual representation of the collection than swatches do. This gives them added confidence as they select the finishes for their new home and helps streamline the process even further.

Choosing finishes for a new home can be a daunting procedure that causes added stress for many homebuyers. By eliminating the guesswork, working with buyers’ tastes, ensuring high-quality finishes, and working with the Roomored virtual design platform, ILG’s design collections help dial down this stress and enable homebuyers to achieve a home design they’ll love for many years.